What is CannAffiliate? – Affiliate Marketing for the Cannabis Industry

About CannAffiliate

If you are looking to earn income as an affiliate marketer, the first thing you need to do is find a niche industry to promote. A good place to look these days is the cannabis industry, which is ever growing and moving online. Todd Rose, the Founder of CannAffiliate, had worked in a dispensary and saw the potential for digital marketers to help marijuana brands increase their online sales.

Using connections he had garnered in the industry, as well as making new ones regularly, Todd began CannAffiliate to offer cannabis brands a managed affiliate marketing solution as well as a place for affiliate marketers to sign up to promote these brands.

When you join CannAffiliate, not only do you immediately get credited with $20 of free cash, but you also get instant access to a database of affiliate programs all joinable at the click of a button. All programs you join are guaranteed to pay you the commissions you earned, since they are all managed by CannAffiliate. The fact that CannAffiliate manages payouts of the commissions cannot be understated, since often as affiliate marketers one of the hurdles we face is having brands send payments reliably.

Tood Rose - CannAffiliate Founder Quote - Cannabis Affiliate Network

How do I earn money with CannAffiliate?

The first step is to sign up with CannAffiliate, which is free to join (actually, they pay you $20 to join 😍) and it just takes a minute. If you are a publisher, influencer, or even just a consumer who has friends to refer to products…you can make money with CannAffiliate.

Once you sign up using the button below, after account approval you will be credited your $20 and also get access to the dashboard which shows all the brands with marijuana affiliate programs available to promote. Just click any offer and use the link provided to promote and earn a percentage of every sale you refer.

What marijuana affiliate programs are available at CannAffiliate?

CannAffiliate has partnered with some of the biggest brands in cannabis, like Dr. Dabber or Davinci Vaporizers but the list is also updating regularly with new brands. Once you join CannAffiliate you will be updated by email of any new brands that are available to promote as well as discounts that can be used in promotions to entice shoppers.

The amount of brands on CannAffiliate will only increase more and more as marijuana becomes more mainstream and accessible legally online.

What do I use to promote the brands on CannAffiliate?

The first step is to get the tracking link which will automatically log any traffic you refer and commissions you are due. You will find this within each brand offer at the very top of the page, copy and paste and use…though we also strongly recommend using a link shortener to have your own tracking as well and an easy way to adjust links on your site over time.

Along with your tracking link within CannAffiliate brands will offer coupon codes to use in your promotions and even graphics that are ready made. Within the “Creatives” section of each offer you will have easy to download and codes to use on your site, social media, or other outlet.

As long as you use the link or creative assets provided in the dashboard, CannAffiliate will automatically track all of your sales and send you a check at the end of the month.

Will I get approved for CannAffiliate?

In the end, it is up to CannAffiliate to decide who can join the program but as long as you are honest and well intentioned the odds are extremely high you will get accepted. CannAffiliate is offering the sign ups to all the marijuana affiliate programs in their dashboard to all levels of promoters.

Often, outside of CannAffiliate, trying to join affiliate programs and being approved is reliant on your website traffic numbers and reach…CannAffiliate is focused on offering anyone who can send valid traffic to a brand site the option to promote. Whether you think you will get the most referrals from friends or building a website, join CannAffiliate and start spreading the word to earn money from anywhere in the World.


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