Top CBD Affiliate Programs

Our site is always hunting out the best cannabis affiliate programs for you to join and earn money from home. The days of having to drive into an office and work every hour for someone else are over as long as you find the right opportunities.

The cannabis industry is ever growing and it is a perfect time to jump in and start earning by referring customers to online brands.

In this post, we are exploring the best CBD affiliate programs as of Today that we have on our site, but our directory is always growing. If you want to find the newest CBD affiliate programs then make sure to check out the directory listings here.

The Best CBD Affiliate Programs to Join For Free


DESCRIPTION: CannAffiliate offers some of the biggest brands in the CBD and overall cannabis industry for you to promote all from one dashboard. The majority of brands they offer are CBD brands but also showcase dispensaries and other cannabis products.

WHY THEY MADE THE LIST: We listed CannAffiliate here because first off, you earn $20 just for signing up. You head over to their site and join for free and they immediately credit your account with $20. Then once you are in their program you immediately have access to a multitude of brands to join in one location. As an affiliate marketer you will end up looking for a variety of brands to promote, this is why our directory exists but also by being in the CannAffiliate program they will email you with any new opportunities in their platform you can promote.


DESCRIPTION: RevOffers is a leader in the cannabis affiliate program world, with big brands always available within their dashboard. Sign up for their program for free and promote some of the leading CBD brands in the online world. Just like CannAffiliate once you join the RevOffers program you immediately have access to many different brand offers to promote.

WHY THEY MADE THE LIST: The brands they offer are highly respected and trusted to not only pay you but also deliver respectable products to the consumers. As an affiliate marketer you may not be able to test every product you showcase on your site or social channels, but you can trust the brands on the RevOffers platform to be vetted and respected within the industry. Also, like CannAffiliate you will be updated by email whenever RevOffers has new offers to promote. Being within the RevOffers program, which is free to join, you will get to promote brands but only have to manage one point of contact as the RevOffers team is trusted to correspond with the brand partners if there are any issues.


DESCRIPTION: Like CannAffiliate and RevOffers, CBDAffs offers a single dashboard where you can join multiple legal cannabis affiliate offers. If you join all three of the first programs in our list you will have lots of CBD affiliate programs under your belt to earn money promoting online. There is no negative to joining this program as you will immediately have access to CBD brands and other cannabis products selling online.

WHY THEY MADE THE LIST: They focus on the cannabis industry only and offer dedicated support while they always look to onboard more cannabis brands. Their team does the researching and the outreach to get more brands for you to promote and all you have to do is show interest in the offer and then promote on your platforms. Also, like CannAffiliate and RevOffers you will only be managing one dashboard and not have to worry about tracking down payments from a multitude of brands, but instead, get paid automatically from CBDAffs directly.

CBD Pure / CBD Pet

DESCRIPTION: CBD Pure has two brands within their one dashboard, both are trusted CBD oil product lines. CBDPure oils are made with non-GMO hemp, grown in Washington and Colorado by local family farmers. Promote a trusted brand whether aimed at humans or pets. No fillers, no preservatives, and nothing that isn’t found in nature. Their CBD line of products has been made using the purest, highest quality natural hemp plants that are carefully grown, harvested, and extracted in the most minimal way possible to preserve both purity and potency.

WHY THEY MADE THE LIST: CBD tinctures are one of the biggest product verticals since they are effective and easily dosed option. On the web one of the biggest terms for CBD is “CBD Oils” so promoting these products you can aim for that keyword while promoting trusted products. The CBD pet market is also growing substantially so worth planning to integrate pet related CBD products into your affiliate promotions. Join the CBD Pure and CBD Pet affiliate programs for free and start promoting reliable CBD oils online and make money from home.

Next Steps After Signing Up for a CBD Affiliate Program

Once you have signed up to these affiliate programs you are ready to start making money promoting legal CBD and other cannabis brands online. Also, always come back to our directory to make see any new programs we have added. Promoting online and making money as an affiliate is not something that should be done in a spammy way ever. No brand wants their products to be pitched in a half ass way and no customer will just by because you screamed insincere words about a product you have no interest in. Spend the time to truly be a member of the community and learn about the benefits and differences between the products available.

The cannabis industry is an exciting space to be in but is also a community. As an affiliate marketer you are looking to market brands and in doing so you are a representation of the brands you promote and of the industry at large. Sign up for programs, learn about the products, stay up-to-date on the industry, and look to connect with others who are working towards destigmatizing the plant by spreading the benefits cannabis offers. Be sincere in your efforts and in your belief in cannabis and you can do well promoting.


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