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How We Became the Best Cannabis Affiliate Program Directory

When you are looking to get into affiliate marketing it is important to find a niche that is not flooded with competition and also has an extreme opportunity of growth.

Cannabis and CBD products are going online at an ever growing pace. This means we are at the starting line for online cannabis eCommerce opportunities and consumers are actively searching for products.

As affiliate marketers we realized that as we’ve worked on our other sites and been building partnerships with brands in the industry it only made sense to start offering these programs within a directory.

For our founder, Brad Ungar, affiliate marketing has offered a new more balanced and family oriented lifestyle and fulfilled a life long dream of having his own businesses. This site is looking to help all our visitors take control of their own financial future and build opportunities in the biggest new industry worldwide in a legal and low risk entry point. At Cannabis Affiliate Network you will find the best cannabis affiliate programs that are all free to join and be able to start earning money online immediately from the comfort of your own home or as a digital nomad.

How We Find Our Cannabis and CBD Affiliate Programs

Over the past couple years we have worked at building our own publishing projects within the online cannabis and CBD world. As we have built out these publications our team has reached out to and built opportunities with hundreds of brands.

We have spent more hours and dollars than most other companies to locate and evaluate marijuana affiliate programs by actively being marketers for the programs we list in our directory.

As the industry keeps expanding and more cannabis related products are sold through eCommerce we will actively research for more affiliate programs we can add to the directory.

Beyond just adding the programs that are already out there, we also regularly introduce cannabis brands to affiliate software and the ability of them to advertise through affiliate programs. By introducing brands to affiliate marketing we expand the opportunities for you as we add them to our directory.

Why We Only List Free to Join Affiliate Programs

We don’t believe in needing to pay to be part of an affiliate program. There are many companies out there offering MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) opportunities and some people do make good money with them…but also a lot of people throw money down on these systems to not see themselves get their investment back.

The brands that offer paid MLM opportunities are the ones who win no matter what, you buy products to re-sell to possible customers. These are sold as business in boxes, but in our experience we see just as much (or more) opportunities in free to join programs.

We see the magic of free to join affiliate programs being that as marketers you can get started immediately from home and do this on the side of your regular job to start and for companies they only pay when you deliver sales. When you make sales they make money, it is a win-win with no upfront gamble from either side.

How to Get Started in Cannabis Affiliate Marketing

In any of our listings there is a button that says “Join Program” and the moment you press this you will be sent directly to the affiliate program sign up page.

For most programs all you need to get started is an online website, social presence, or ability to show a desire to truly spread the word about the brand. Once you input your name, payment details, and information about how you will promote you are ready to begin.

What Not To Do In Cannabis Marketing

As you present yourself as a cannabis marketer you will have to be very safe about how you portray the brand. On our site we will look to build resources to help you through these restrictions, but as you sign up for brands the first step is to read their rules.

We have built this site to give you opportunities, but look to be careful in how you handle your relationship with the brands we have in the directory. Each cannabis brand is looking to build a partnership and on your end you must work as hard as possible to showcase them as they want their brand represented.

Why Isn’t Your Domain CannabisAffiliateNetwork.com?

We think this will be a very common question and mistake. Make sure to always make it clear to any one you share our site with that our URL has an “s” at the end to be CannabisAffiliateNetworks.com.

One day we wish to get the domain without the “s” but the people who currently own the URL and not using it (& haven’t for a year or more) tried to sell it to only offer it to us for $1,000,000 + which is unrealistic. We are a small startup and will do what we have to do to be able to present the site with the brand we are creating, but while we wish we had that money to just spend on a URL we would never do so.

How We Make Money With Our Affiliate Program Directory

Our site has no memberships or costs on your end, it is completely free to use.

This site is an affiliate site in that we make commissions off some of the listings in our directory. When you sign up for an affiliate program we may get a percentage which helps cover our costs of running this site.

We will continue to add more directory listings as we grow, any that are marked as “verified” offer us the opportunity to earn some money just by you joining.

Once again, there is no cost to you so this simple act of signing up through our link will help us grow the site and give you an ever growing directory of opportunities.

Thanks for visiting and if you ever have any questions go ahead and pass them to [email protected].

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