How to Make Money as a Cannabis Affiliate Marketer

Find and join cannabis affiliate programs to make money online.

Why join cannabis affiliate programs?

Cannabis is becoming mainstream and the stigma of the flower is disappearing day-by-day.  New products are emerging in physical brick and mortar stores, but also in the eCommerce realm.  There is no better time to start integrating cannabis affiliate programs into your projects as an affiliate marketer.


You may think of cannabis only as a product that will get you high for fun or may have heard some talk of the medical benefits, but don’t likely know how many products related to cannabis are being sold online.  From CBD to vaporizers, you can promote cannabis associated items that are in no way illegal and may not even get someone high.  All things cannabis are part of the largest new industry to hit the globe and are abound with opportunities. 


If you run a pet blog you may integrate pet CBD products, or if you have a gardening site you can add grow equipment or cannabis seeds if you have a health and wellness site CBD and other cannabinoid products may be a perfect fit.


In essence, if you are making content online it is highly likely you can incorporate a cannabis affiliate program into your ways to earn money online.

How to sign up for cannabis affiliate programs on our site.

When you browse our affiliate program directory you’ll see only brands listed that offer direct sign-up options. Within each brand page for a cannabis affiliate program, there will be a button that says “Join Program” and once you click this button will be sent to the site registration.


Each day we are adding new cannabis affiliate programs so keep coming by to join the programs that fit your marketing skills.

How do I get paid?

Each cannabis affiliate program has a registration process which will ask for your payment details. Most affiliate programs will use either check, direct bank deposit, or PayPal.


Brands will either pay you on their own recurring schedule or it will be up to you to invoice them to receive payment.

Payment Thresholds

Most affiliate programs have a minimum balance before paying out. When registering the site will show what the balance of your account must be at to be able to withdraw or request payment, this varies from $100 to $50 most of the time.

Do I need to pay taxes as an affiliate marketer?

As you earn money promoting brands though affiliate programs you will need to be ready to pay taxes at the end of the year. When you join affiliate programs you are treated like a freelance contractor. Most affiliate programs will request the proper tax paperwork on signup but it is up to you to be ready to pay taxes due.


Research the proper ways to pay estimated taxes throughout the year, in the US the 1040ES payments are expected every quarter. Contact your accountant as you start as an affiliate marketer so that you can be on top of your filing needs before they are an issue and you end up not having the money to pay the government.

How does the cannabis affiliate program rating work?

Our cannabis affiliate network directory is the most trusted place to find all cannabis affiliate programs in one place. While we offer a growing directory of brands it is important to offer a way to rate the programs. On each of our brand listing pages you have the ability to easily leave a review for the program by pressing the “Leave a Review” button.


Each time a review is left in our directory it allows the next cannabis affiliate marketer to hear your experience before getting into a relationship with the brand. On our end, as affiliate marketers, we noticed that it was not possible to see the quality of the affiliate program until we joined, so our rating system offers a way to learn from others’ experiences.

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Cannabis Affiliate Network is just as valuable to cannabis brands looking for affiliate marketers as it is to you as an affiliate marketer yourself.



By pressing the “+ Add Affiliate Marketer” button at the top menu of our site or the button above here you can submit yourself to our directory as a marketer. Adding yourself as a marketer you are searchable to any cannabis brand that visits our site looking for valuable affiliate marketers to represent their products. Make sure to be awesome since the brands also have a way to rate you on our site which is visible on your public profile!

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Start exploring our directory now and begin earning money as a cannabis affiliate marketer. If you ever have any questions feel free to email us at [email protected] any time.


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