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About Dr. Ganja
Dr.Ganja was founded in 2009.

In 2009 much like today we would work a lot and go out a lot and make friends along the way, one of which owned a dispensary in West Hollywood called AHHS. When we first went inside AHHS and experienced it, we thought this is the coolest thing ever! We knew right away that we wanted to be part of this industry in some form.

Back in those days in California you needed to be evaluated by a licensed MD to obtain a medical card in order to legally purchase from a dispensary. This aspect was interesting to us, and we saw an avenue for growth. We believed we could educate and help people get evaluated by a licensed professional to have legal access to dispensaries but most importantly, we believed we could make the process quick, professional, and stress free.

Become an Affiliate
We launched the Dr.Ganja affiliate partner program back in 2017 and it’s been tremendously successful all the way around. We have many amazing affiliates and partners from around the world and more are joining all the time. They are earning commissions by promoting their favorite products on Dr.Ganja’s site every single week.

We have the most lab-tested, quality hemp-based brands and products all in stock and ready to be shipped to customers you refer. Products include, an incredible variety of cbd flower, oil, lotions, capsules, edibles, pet products, syrups, vapes, cbg based products and a lot more, all at great prices. We provide free domestic shipping and affordable international shipping rates. Finally, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service.

Work with Dr.Ganja
Become a Dr.Ganja affiliate partner and earn a commission on each sale you refer for any product you see on the site. It’s free to join, and your earning potential is unlimited. There’s no waiting around for months to get your money because, we pay you out every 7 to 10 days. We are one of the only companies, especially in this industry, that pays our partners every single week!

Dr.Ganja Coupon Code
Sign up below, it’s free and easy to do. Once you complete this form, you will get your very own Dr.Ganja link to share with your friends and followers. When they buy products on our site, you will earn a commission on the amount they spend. If they leave the site and come back at a later date, in most cases you will still get that commission because the cookie duration is 365 days.

Another way to earn with the Dr.Ganja affiliate partner program is through your very own unique Dr.Ganja coupon code. You can also share this code with everyone you know. When someone enters your coupon code at checkout, they will receive a discount off their order total and you will earn a percentage on the amount they spend.

More Ways to Earn
If you refer anyone to become an affiliate, you’ll earn 2% - 3% from your referred affiliate’s sales as well.

Banners & Tracking
Once your registration is confirmed, you’ll have access to the partner program where you can view analytics, conversions, and earnings that you’ll be instantly notified of. You’ll also have access to Dr.Ganja banners that you can share.

Free Dr.Ganja Business Cards
We can send you some Dr.Ganja business cards that have a space to write your coupon code, so you can give them out to friends. Get some here absolutely free:

How to use the Dr.Ganja Affiliate Partner Program to make money
There are lots of things that current partners do to generate an income from Dr.Ganja. Some of those include blogging about products they like and including their partner link within the text of their blog article. Other people create video reviews of products they love then mention their coupon code. Other affiliates share their Dr.Ganja partner link and coupon code on their various social media accounts. There's a lot of creative ways to promote Dr.Ganja products while having fun and earning cash.

We are always here for you if you have any questions, ideas or proposals. Feel free to contact us!


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